About Us

Originally we made all of our Stefan Petrov Instruments in Eastern Europe. In the early days, our home (China) was not open in the way it is today. As luthiers, if we wanted to perfect our craft we needed to go to Europe. It is there that we learned and perfected our craft by making many violins, violas, and cellos, by hand in the old tradition of European making. Our focus was to achieve excellence in making replicas of instruments first made by the old Italian Masters. During these many years, our area of China began to develop into a wonderful community of shops and makers. We were drawn back home and felt such a move would help us to continue the tradition of violinmaking at the highest quality level and at very affordable prices.

We are happy to say, the move was well planned and resulted in improvements to all of the instruments we make. Once back home, we could spend more time in the making process. As a result, our hand-graduations improved from very good to great. Also, our varnish making could take more time and so it improved as well. We are happy to say that our pricing is more affordable than ever, while our quality has never been higher. We were also able to expand our offering with two new lines that will help even more players own a Petrov instrument – our Workshop and Trista models.

About our Instruments

All our instruments are made by a single maker. Most are beautifully handcrafted replicas of instruments made by the old Italian masters: Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari, and Guadagnini, but we also offer instruments of our own interpretation and can commision special instruments upon request. All of our markers are dedicated to making each and every instrument with the care and attention needed to achieve: exceptional handwork, highly detailed tonal work, and a specially formulated, hand-applied, antiqued varnish that will last for generations.

Our instruments provide players with the feel and sound of fine antique instruments. All are made of superior quality materials beyond any others in their price point.  They include detailed professional-grade setup using the finest quality French bridge blank materials, professional level strings, and beautiful and expertly installed fittings.

 The Strengths of our Instruments:

– Power and projection

Well balanced and colorful sound with exceptional clarity

– Well aged high-quality materials that are hand selected for their superior and intrinsic tonal qualities  

We feel attention to every detail in the making process and the selection of outstanding high-quality well-aged tonewood is critical to the making of a world-class instrument. For example, our blocks are of made of willow to both save weight and enhance tonal qualities and projection. Our experience at expert plate graduation and the careful tuning of tops to bottoms is critical for an instrument to be responsive, well-balanced, colorful, powerful, and for it to project well. We apply our many years of experience expertly to assure that all the parts of your Petrov instrument are perfectly matched thus providing you the experience of exceptional response, vibrancy, projection, power, balance, and superb tonal quality.

Just as important as our careful attention to the shaping and tuning of an instrument’s tonewood is its varnish. Our varnish has evolved and improved over many years and is formulated in-house to bring out the instrument’s best timbre as well as to enhance the clarity and beauty of its tonewood. It is hand applied (rubbed into the tonewood), in very thin layers. This assures exceptional tonal response without compromising the beauty of our varnish or its protective qualities.  Rest assured, our oil varnish will protect your instrument for hundreds of years to come.

We make Five Models of Instruments:


This is our newest model which we added in 2016 to make a Petrov instrument available to even more players. We use all the same great quality material of the Workshop model, but use a different varnish and fittings that help us reduce cost without reducing tonal quality, clarity, or playability.


Our Workshop instruments are hand-made by apprentices to the maker in a small workshop setting in the traditional way of violin making.  All instruments are made of well-aged, hand-picked selections of materials chosen for their intrinsic tonal quality.  Workshop instruments are made of high-quality material with moderate figuring and our highest quality house varnish.


Our Standard instruments are made in part by the apprentices and part by the maker.  The rough work is done by the apprentice and finished by the master maker. All instruments are made of well-aged, hand picked selections of materials chosen for their intrinsic tonal quality.  They contain highly figured maple, fine quality straight grain spruce, and the highest quality house varnish.


Euro instruments are made in part by the apprentices and part by the maker.  All materials used are hand-selected by the master maker. All Petrov Euro instruments are made of well-aged A-grade European spruce and maple. 


Superior instruments are made by a master maker alone. All instruments are made of well-aged, hand picked selections of materials chosen for their intrinsic tonal quality.  Each instrument is made of the highest grade European tonewood, usually Bosnian or Italian maple and Italian spruce, and are finished with our highest quality house varnish.


Patterns Available

Guarneri – typically strong and powerful with good depth and projection

Guadagnini – strong and powerful with a little more vibrancy in the G string, displays good warmth and projection

Stradivarius – more sweet and tender, yet lively and powerful

Amati – graceful shape and sweet tone

*Other patterns are available from time to time, dependent on the maker’s choice. You may also request a particular model be made for you.