Stefan Petrov Cello – Workshop

Our Worksop cello offers ease of play, great projection, clear and balanced sound, excellent responsiveness and good power. The suggested pricing of our Workshop cellos start at about $8,900.00 and come with a professional setup.




Our Workshop cellos are made from well-aged high-quality tonewood. Nicely flamed maple is matched with tight grain spruce to create a cello that is beautiful, well balanced, with great projection and a warm rich sound. Each cello we make is a replication of one made by an old Italian master. Our oil varnish is hand applied in thin transparent layers to highlight the beauty of the wood while preserving the finish of the instrument. It is applied in an antique style that very well matches its hundreds of year old look, feel and playability. If you are looking for a very affordable cello made in the traditional way of violin making with a rich, powerful tone, and excellent clarity, a Petrov Workshop cello is one that you must play.


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